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Refactoring our Ionic Themes

Hi everyone, the IonicTheme team are working hard to offer always the best as possible in Ionic Themes, and, before release the next product we think first fix and improve our current resources.

Now we are refactoring all of our Ionic3 themes w/ IonicPage / Deeplinking + setting well formated grid system (to PWA) + Angular5 5.2.7 + better npm scripts for builds & optimizing!

The first of them to be released will be ionBooking, very soon.

Check our current refactor process with ionBooking:

  • Updating modules (Angular 5.2.7, Cordova and ionic native) []
  • SplitPane + fixed styles []
  • Providers bugs []
  • Formating grid system (PWA) []
  • IonicPage + child modules (deeplinking) []
  • PWA configs + scripts + building [Almost Done!]
  • And more surprises!

See more about this theme:

ionBooking - Ionic 3 Hotel Booking Theme

Or in Ionic Market: https://market.ionicframework.com/themes/ionbooking

We would like to thank every customer that bought our themes and believe in our job, more news is coming.

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foodIonic - Ionic 3 Restaurant Food Order Theme

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