New themes and Starters are coming with Ionic 4


Hi everyone, the IonicTheme team are working hard to offer always the best as possible in Ionic Themes and Starters and, with Ionic 4 Beta release we decided to do our second version of all of our existed Themes and starter.

Now we have started developing the first of them! ionBooking 2 - Ionic 4 Hotel Booking Theme following our standarized plan targeting for all of our future versions and other themes and starters.

Follow below what is new in ionBooking 2 and how will be to our other second and new products versions:

Ionic 4 Features

  • Angular CLI & Router (Angular 6)
  • Ionicons 4
  • Ionic Native 5
  • Ionic CLI 4
  • Shadow DOM
  • CSS Variables

Ionic Theme Features

  • Angular 6 Animations
  • ngx-translate
  • AGM (Angular Google Maps)
  • Form Validations
  • Custom Components
  • Angular Service Works (@angular/pwa)
  • And much more..

For Starters

  • Firebase 5+
  • AngularFire2 5+
  • geoFirestore 2+

What will be the next Ionic 4 releases after ionBooking 2?

Follow below in order decided by customers requests + Sells:

A great new one! what is to come, all of our new Ionic 4 products (not yet) but in the future, will come with a new plus! Dashboard Admin Templates!!

Remember: All of our Ionic 3 products will be updated normally for a long time! don't worries ;D

So, we are so excited about the new ionic 4 features and his resources, keep following our news and releases to know more about these improvements that we are doing.

Check below our current Ionic 3 products