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First of all I find it good to explain that we have been through some personal difficulties and that is why Ionic Theme is abandoned, but now we are coming back with everything for 2020 and big news to come.

New Website

After these difficulties and at the same time celebrating 2 years, we finally have a new website! faster, performative and tailored to better serve you reader or customer

Check some updates:

  • Purchase themes/starters directly from our site.
  • Image gallery of our Products.
  • Improved SEO.
  • Contact form working properly.
  • New Subscribe, will work right this time (but still in test before updating here)
  • Membership: Future plans to launch exclusive content for free and paid subscribers soon.
  • Better performance, especially for Mobile users.

The direction of our products to 2020

Our current products (themes and starters) will be alive with new updates and improvements on the way, along with constant enhancements from Ionic 4 and the newly arrived Angular 9.

However our new products will come with Capacitor as standard and some in Angular and others in .. StencilJS! yes, Ionic with pure JS! without frameworks, always aiming to bring the best that Ionic can provide us, this will be very nice, coming soon.

Our focus is still on Angular, but now we will also have Stencil as an option, maybe React will join this group in the future.

Backlog to 2020

  • New ionic themes and starters with Ionic 4 + Angular 9 + Stencil + Capacitor
  • New products using only Angular and/or Stencil
  • Starters with NodeJS, not only Firebase/Firestore.
  • Much more...

Stay in touch, we are back and news/updates will be most commom from now to the future.

See our current Ionic 4 products

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