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Hello everyone, after many problems we finally came back with the updates and now taking advantage of the new version of Ionic 4.7.4 we also migrated ionBooking 2 and foodIonic2 to the Angular 8 version.

Some bugs fixies, update modules and much more has been make, check below our changelog links:

Ionic 4 + Angular 8: more performatic and fastest than never

Since the Ionic 4 release 4.7.0 (Nitrogen), this version comes support for Angular 8! check some features about Angular 8:

Preview of Ivy

With the release of Angular 8, a preview version of Ivy is now available for testing. Ivy is a new rendering engine that will produce smaller bundle sizes. But it's not recommended to start using it in production not just yet.

Web Workers

Thanks to Angular CLI 8, web workers are taken into consideration when building the production bundles which helps increase the performance. Angular CLI 8 provides now one bundle for every web worker.

Lazy Loading

The Angular Router has always supported lazy loading but now wiht Angular 8 the support for dynamic EcmaScript imports is added. For example:

    path: 'lazy',
    loadChildren: () => import('./mylazy/mylazy.module').then(mod => mod.Module)

Changelog future Updates

Next themes will be update with Angular 8

  • fireIonic 2 (under updating...)
  • ionProperty 2 (under developing, release soon...)

If you have not acquired our themes, check out below and learn more about them, now better than ever and with Angular 8!

Stay in touch for the next updates and news.

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