When you purchase an item from Ionic Theme, you are actually purchasing a license to use that item. In order to understand our licenses, please read the following details.

  • All our free items are under MIT license.
  • All our premium items are covered by our Single and Developer licenses
Feature Personal License Developer License
Use for print
Create single personal website/app
Create multiple personal websites/apps
Create single website/app for client
Create multiple website/apps for clients
Create SaaS application
Create HTML/CSS template for sale
Create Theme/Template for CMS for sale
Create design layout in PSD format for sale
Product resale
Separate sale of our UI Elements
Create online/offline generators based on our products

Note for freelancers and agencies:

You can charge your client to create an end product if you have a Single license. But if you have multiple clients, or multiple projects, you will need a Developer license.