Ionic 4: workaround to Ionic Lab black screen error


Hi everyone, sometimes i see around the Ionic Community some people experiencing a common issue when run Ionic lab $ ionic serve --lab to get Ionic 4 project in localhost.

When running the app in Ionic lab mode, and go to browser, some like this appear:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

How to fix it?

Piece of cake! go to project-folder/node_modules/@ionic/lab/www/build/app and rename app.rjnahnnl.js file to app.jcrhwwkm.js by sample following below images:


It works for me and many customers and friends that i have advise about. It causes of different node modules installing, doesn't matter the name of wrong name of Ionic Lab libs, and yes, the way to fix it :)

Now, reload it will get your Ionic Lab works again!


Another way (works with few cases) is clear your browser cache, uninstall ionic lab and install it again making downgrading the version (or not) considering the latest (at this time) version 1.0.24.

From your project folder:

npm uninstall --save @ionic/lab

and then:

npm install --save @ionic/lab@1.0.19

Soon we will release new tutorials, workaround and much more.