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Hello everybody, in the last month (July) we have up-to-date with success almost all of our themes, posted some Ionic + Firebase tutorials and announcing the Ionic 4 Beta.

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Ionic 3 + Firebase Tutorials

Ionic 4 Beta Release!

Coming Soon: fireIonic - Ionic 3 Firebase Starter Kit

fireIonic splash

Finally! in fews days, our first Ionic Starter product (Firebase Starter Kit) will be launch, targeting a quick ready to use solution to start your mobile project using the best of Ionic + Firebase. Check some of many features that will have:

  • Firebase Backend (Storage, Firestore & Angularfire2)
  • Authentication (Email, Facebook, Google & Twitter)
  • Cloud Functions (Samples of Firebase Functions scripts)
  • Push Notifications (with Firebase Cloud Messaging)
  • Internationalization (i18n powered by ngx-translate)
  • GeoFirestore (Queries location with AGM + Firestore)
  • CRUD (Manage data from Cloud Firestore)

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