Ionic theme monthly updates 06/2018


Hello everybody, in the last month (June) we did less updates than we'd like because we're working hard on a very important partner project, we'll talk about in the next time.

Follow bellow and see some updates and news that are coming:

New tutorial: Quick Start with Ionic + Firebase

New starter: Ionic 4 Start Theme (Free)

New starter is coming: fireIonic - Ionic 3 Firebase UI Starter Kit

fireIonic splash

Finally we'll launch our first Ionic Firebase Starter, targeting a quick ready to use solution to start your mobile project using the best of Ionic + Firebase. Check some of many features that will have:

  • Firebase Backend: functional firebase resources with Firestore + Angularfire2
  • UI/UX kit: Custom built Pages and Components with Form validations, Error messages, Alerts and Toast, Modal and Pipes.
  • Internacionalization (i18n): create i18n translation for your targeting users from any place, powered by ngx-translate.
  • Push Notifications: powered by Firebase Cloud Messaging to deliver push notifications to all users.

About Ionic 4

We are talking a little things about the best launch of all time that are coming soon from Ionic Team.

Ionic 4 and his new aggregates technologies/tools and concepts: Stencil, Capacitor, Ionic Native 5 and Ionic PWA Toolkit. The main goal is to make Ionic a powerful framework-agnostic library for building mobile (progressive) web apps that have first class access to native device features.


Ionic 4 + Capacitor tutorials list #1


Ionic 4 - What is coming?