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Hello everybody, in the last month (May) we have up-to-date with success almost all of our themes..

..and posted new ionic tutorials and resources list; to know more about these, follow below the posts link:

New theme: tripIonic - Ionic 3 flights cruises trains booking theme

  • /tripionic-ionic3-flights-cruises-trains-booking-theme

Truly focused in trip tickets/flow, seek and buy flight, cruise and train ticket; with booking list history and local weather API sample and more pages.

Optmized to be so much performatic at any platform app (Android & iOS) and Web Apps (PWA).

In case you are interested in one of our themes, from today until the end of this month! (Valid until end of June) using on checkout the coupon code "15poff" you will get a 15% OFF on both the Single and Developer licenses.

tripIonic direct buy link with discount:

New starter is coming: fireIonic - Ionic 3 Firebase UI Starter Kit

fireIonic splash

Finally we'll launch our first Ionic Firebase Starter, targeting a quick ready to use solution to start your mobile project using the best of Ionic + Firebase. Check some of many features that will have:

  • Firebase Backend: functional firebase resources with Firestore + Angularfire2
  • UI/UX kit: Custom built Pages and Components with Form validations, Error messages, Alerts and Toast, Modal and Pipes.
  • Internacionalization (i18n): create i18n translation for your targeting users from any place, powered by ngx-translate.
  • Push Notifications: powered by Firebase Cloud Messaging to deliver push notifications to all users.

About Ionic 4

We are talking a little things about the best launch of all time that are coming soon from Ionic Team.

Ionic 4 and his new aggregates technologies/tools and concepts: Stencil, Capacitor, Ionic Native 5 and Ionic PWA Toolkit. The main goal is to make Ionic a powerful framework-agnostic library for building mobile (progressive) web apps that have first class access to native device features.


Ionic 4 + Capacitor tutorials list #1

  • /ionic4-capacitor-tutorials-list-1


Ionic 4 - What is coming?

  • /ionic4-what-is-coming

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