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Hi everybody, we are strongly proud to show our first impressions about our almost 6 months of project. For over these months, we work hard and dedicated to provide our ideas about Themes focusing in Ionicframework with intend of improve the theme/template market offering better quality as possible with low cost.

we'd like to thank the Ionic Team for their support and direct/indirect divulgation of our job and our partners Gumroad, Netlify and DigitalOcean for provide us the best solutions that became our project viable and productive.

The project was born on August 31, 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil by João Firmino (founder) and his brother Fernando Firmino (co-founder) with the aim of offering quality Ionic Themes at a fair price to improve in fact the productivity of all Mobile / Hybrid Developers.

This mission is still a newborn and so we still have a lot to grow and evolve with our ideals, we are just starting out and we can guarantee that there will be many innovations and innovations to offer: Themes, Starters, Tutorials and support for beginners.

Follow below our first impressions about these almost 6 months of project:

  • Customers: 300+
  • Total Sells: 350+
  • Total Resources for Sell: 4
  • Total Back / referral links: 200+
  • Total visitors of our website: 3,000+ unique and 20,000+ pageviews by month

All these customers are divided by:

  • All Continents
  • 50+ Countries

Customers from countries that bought most

  1. United States: 17.3%
  2. Brazil: 12%
  3. India: 10%
  4. United Kingdom: 8%
  5. Spain: 6.3%
  6. France: 6.1%
  7. Italy: 5.6%
  8. Netherlands: 4.8%
  9. Canada: 4.2%
  10. Mexico: 4%

Many thanks to all who helped us get here, we will be constantly evolving and thanking any feedback or tip that can further improve our project and resources.

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